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But We GET IT -- It's Hard to Learn the "Airbnb Game"

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Classes Don't Teach  Nearly Enough

Experts Don't Want to Share their Secrets


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It's YOUR time to Master Airbnbs as a Realtor with...

The AIRBNB REALTOR Masterclass

Realtor Training How to be an AirBnB Realtor

40+ Videos to Empower Realtors to Specialize in Airbnb Properties and Learn to:

  • Attract Investors with a Tailored Brand
  • Make Social Media Posts that Stand Out
  • Talk Investor Language So Investor Want to Talk to You
  • Use Our Templates to Calculate Property Cash Flows
  • WOW Clients with our Property Profit Tool
  • Learn Short-Term Rental Basics
  • Understand Investor Client Behaivors

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George Mevawala

"THE Airbnb Realtor"

"The #1 Reason To Work with George: he's DONE IT"-Chad W

"I'm here because of George's Energy and the Community" - Bren

"The course is worth 30x what they're charging for it" - Joel

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Curious About the Bonuses You Get?

Email Scripts Template 

Plug-and-play templates to help your communication stand out with your clients.  Build Credibility, Provide Value, and Get Answers.

Realtor Email Template Training

Property Profit Tool

With this tool, we train you to calculate property profitability to advise your clients.  Share reports directly with clients to look like a pro.

Realtor Training Finance

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About George, in his client's words

Chad Wachsmann has purchased multiple properties with George as his go-to guy Realtor and has a preference for investor-friendly realtors

Some of George Mevawala's Favorite Airbnbs

(he's owned/managed 50+)